Anka van Dorp's homeland is the Netherlands. It was in this country that she developed her talent and her love for painting.
Since 1998 Anka had a holiday house in Portugal and in 2014 she became a resident of Portugal.
She lives and works not far from the picturesque historical city of Coimbra.

Her oeuvre, from around 1980, is of a remarkable allroundness. Her works range from a strong and impressive realism, reminiscent of the post-impressionist Pechstein, to the subtile work of Dufy.

Exhibition in Pera. Arts and Crafts Fair every 2nd Sunday of the month


The first period in Portugal inspired her to paint landscapes and portraits of country people in their naturel settings often working in the fields and vineyards.
Currently, her paintings are more in the style of her early work and is the woman figure the main object of her paintings.

Cat abstract
2020, 80x80cm. Acrylic on canvas


Her paintings are a celebration of exuberantly bold colours,which undoubtably provide the viewer with a feeling of happiness.
The colours are so clear and strong that the provide a recognizable signature

Study. 2015, 80x100vm, acrylic on canvas


Anka van Dorp exhibits her paintings in Portugal and in The Netherlands.

In Portugal Anka van Dorp exhibit her paintings every 2nd Sunday of the month from April untill December on the Arts and Craft Fair in Pera and in galeries in Central Portugal.
Anka van Dorp has a permanent exhibition in café/restaurant Picha (on the way between Alvares and Pedrogao Grande).

In Amsterdam Anka van Dorp has exhibitions in her atelier and galeries.

Sleeeping beauty
2019 acrylic on canvas 80x100cm


Woman drinking beer
2012, 100x80cm, acrylic on canvas
Private collection cafe/restaurant Picha